Parallel Lines That Show Movement: project #1

This Project was my first assignment for this course. I think for my first project it was a good introduction to the rest of the projects in the class. I found the project very interesting because I was forced to think outside of the box. I definitely think I broke out of my comfort zone in this project including all the other projects done in this class. For this project, I had to create parallel lines that showed movement. Starting with the thumbnail sketches I struggled with the first 4 that I had done. I think this project included some trial and error especially when it came to the thumbnails. When I finally had my selected composition I had to draw it on the bristol paper. When drawing it on the bristol paper I had to measure where I was putting drawing my lines to make sure I filled up the whole page. Since this was my first project for this class I was using new materials that I had no experience with. Using the FW ink to fill in the Large black areas was a new experience for me. For this project I actually had two attempts, my first one is where I messed up with the ink where I used too much of it and it spread all over the page. My second attempt was successful though. Overall I think this was a fun project to do but, If I could change one thing it would be the white triangle space on the left side. It seems very out of place to me and should have been filled in.