7: Takeaway

Since this internship was remote I did not have the opportunity to meet anyone in person. However, I really learned so much this summer and it is because of my supervisor . She was very helpful and gave me good feedback on how to improve my work. She explained all of the assignments clearly and answered any questions that me or my classmate had. I also enjoyed working with my classmate, it was fun to collaborate with someone and share ideas. I definitely  would like to work with her on another project after this internship. Overall this internship was a wonderful experience and a good starting place for my design career. I want to take everything I learned and use it to help me find other opportunities. I believe that wherever I go next on this adventure will only add to my skill set and I want to make sure to always challenge myself to make sure that I grow as a designer and not to stunt my growth. Right now I’m looking at extra classes online to see if there is anything that I can learn that will add to my skills. I’m considering looking into internships at advertising firms as my next step. I think this will help me with coming up with concepts and pitching ideas to clients. 

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