6: Self Evaluation

During this internship I believe that my performance has been good. I always took notes on important details for each project that was assigned to me. I spent a lot of time doing research on the project and on minimalistic design. I wanted to make sure that my skills were growing as a designer and I did this with the feedback that was provided by my supervisor. Whenever she told me to revise a draft of a logo I did I would ask questions about anything else that could be improved on. I also made sure to show up to each meeting on time with my notebook ready for note taking. I made sure to manage my time during the work day so I got all my work done by the end of the day and placed each project in its own folder on google drive. Staying organized was very important since we had a lot of projects so putting everything in the correct folder with the correct title was essential. One thing that I could improve on is following the brief for each project more accurately. I noticed that sometimes my designs don’t follow the specific instructions of what was asked of me to do. I have been fixing this problem by checking my own work and making sure that I followed the brief. The feedback I get from my supervisor also helps me since she is more experienced than me.

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