7: Takeaway

Since this internship was remote I did not have the opportunity to meet anyone in person. However, I really learned so much this summer and it is because of my supervisor . She was very helpful and gave me good feedback on how to improve my work. She explained all of the assignments clearly and answered any questions that me or my classmate had. I also enjoyed working with my classmate, it was fun to collaborate with someone and share ideas. I definitelyĀ  would like to work with her on another project after this internship. Overall this internship was a wonderful experience and a good starting place for my design career. I want to take everything I learned and use it to help me find other opportunities. I believe that wherever I go next on this adventure will only add to my skill set and I want to make sure to always challenge myself to make sure that I grow as a designer and not to stunt my growth. Right now I’m looking at extra classes online to see if there is anything that I can learn that will add to my skills. I’m considering looking into internships at advertising firms as my next step. I think this will help me with coming up with concepts and pitching ideas to clients.Ā 

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6: Self Evaluation

During this internship I believe that my performance has been good. I always took notes on important details for each project that was assigned to me. I spent a lot of time doing research on the project and on minimalistic design. I wanted to make sure that my skills were growing as a designer and I did this with the feedback that was provided by my supervisor. Whenever she told me to revise a draft of a logo I did I would ask questions about anything else that could be improved on. I also made sure to show up to each meeting on time with my notebook ready for note taking. I made sure to manage my time during the work day so I got all my work done by the end of the day and placed each project in its own folder on google drive. Staying organized was very important since we had a lot of projects so putting everything in the correct folder with the correct title was essential. One thing that I could improve on is following the brief for each project more accurately. I noticed that sometimes my designs don’t follow the specific instructions of what was asked of me to do. I have been fixing this problem by checking my own work and making sure that I followed the brief. The feedback I get from my supervisor also helps me since she is more experienced than me.

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5: Collaborative Project

Me and my classmate are currently working on a Twitter analysis document for the schools Next Generation Assessment (NGA) department. We both don’t use Twitter ourselves so this was a learning experience for both of us. We had to do some research about the platform and how people use the app to better understand what we can do to improve their social media engagement. We both worked on a Twitter analysis document which includes some suggestions that we had for their Twitter account. In this analysis we both suggested a logo redesign and banner change. Both include bold design and color to capture the audience’s attention. We also included a posting schedule for the next six months. The schedule includes topics for them to post about and different ways to interact with people on the platform since this will increase the number of followers that they have.

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4: A Typical Day

Right now my duties in this internship are related to what I am studying at City Tech. Most of my projects have been about design. I worked on an office hours banner, banner and a logo for a Twitter account. I really enjoyed working on these design heavy projects since I got to practice my skills and get feedback on making my designs more clean and simple. The only project that I worked on that hasn’t been design focused was creating a Twitter post schedule for the schools Twitter account. This was an interesting challenge since I had to do some research on ways to increase social media engagement. So far what I have learned about working with educational institutions is that they try to keep all of their design and brand identity simple and clean. They try not to have any complicated logos or designs which I can understand since they want to make sure that everyone can easily identify them and when it comes to information. They want to make sure the whole student body can easily understand any information that is being given to them whether it be a survey or a newsletter.

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3: Work Culture

My internship this summer is remote at an educational institution, so my typical work day is flexible.Ā  My morning would start with a meeting with my supervisor and my classmate who I work with on some projects. For this meeting I try to look presentable since this is a work environment. I want to be as professional as I can even though it is remote. I would fix my hair and wear a button up shirt and try to sit in a quiet area of my house. During this meetingĀ  we would discuss projects that we are working on and my supervisor would give us feedback on the work that we have done so far. After this meeting I would work on my assignments for the day then take my lunch break. After my lunch break I would keep working until the end of the day. At the end of the day I would upload the work I did onto the google drive folder so it is ready to be looked at for feedback the next morning.Ā 

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2: The Interview

I obtained my Internship Position at an educational institution by sending out an email to the supervisor expressing my interest in the position. I was told about the position by my internship ProfessorĀ  who helped me earlier in my search for an internship. The supervisor then responded and set up an interviewĀ  on Zoom. When we talked, my first impression of her was that she is very kind. I don’t normally see this in many people from my past interviews. She told me that she enjoyed looking at my portfolio and liked the work that I did. We then discussed what I would be doing at the internship, I would be designing things such as banners and logos. She went into detail about the institution and the office that she works in. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her and was very excited to start working right away. I looked forward to the idea of being busy and working on many projects this summer since it provided an opportunity to learn and add more work to my portfolio.Ā 

After my interview the next day I started my first day as an intern. We had a meeting and that’s when my supervisor talked more about my first project which was the office hours banner. During this meeting I also met my classmate who I would be working with on projects. We all exchanged contact information and started working right away. Me and my classmateĀ  worked separately for a while on the banners and then we shared with each other what we designed and gave each other feedback.Ā 

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1: Just The Beginning

Being an intern is one of the most exciting things to do this summer. While my search for an internship was challenging it was also beneficial since I learned so much about applying and finding jobs in this industry.Ā  My internship professorĀ  has helped me in my search for internships this summer. She asked me what programs I know how to use and what my interests were. She sent me many employers to which I had sent emails out to for interviews. From working with my internship professorĀ  I learned about the importance of following up with an employer after applying to a job. This is something that I will carry with me after this course. She had also provided me with feedback on my portfolio and given me good resources to learn new additional skills such as the New York Times and the New York Public Library. After many emails I finally got an internship a non for profit organization. However, after a week I did not start any projects and as the course was already in progress I found myself in the position of looking for a new internship so I can get my 120 hours. My internship professor had sent me a supervisors email from an educational institution. We had an interview and then from there I was hired. I was very excited because I was going to start working on projects very soon.Ā 

There is an article on Brooklneaglel.com that discusses how this educational institution is named the most ethnically diverse campus. This article intrigued me because student diversity has always been a major topic in many colleges. Here in New York we are not only one of the most diverse cities in the world but you can see this diversity in many of the CUNY schools compared to the other private schools in the city. This educational institutions diverse campus is due to its Immigrant Student Success Office which helps immigrant students since they face more challenges than regular students. It gives an opportunity for foreign students to have an affordable education and having the resources and a community for them. This is what makes them the most diverse of the CUNY schools. Coming from an immigrant family myself I can relate to how helpful this office would be since I am the first in my family to go to college. I couldn’t afford to go to many of the private art schools in New York and City Tech was a way for me to get an affordable education in design.Ā 


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Ethics Entry 2

When It came to school projects I used my images from free stock photography websites. I try to edit the images and incorporate them in collages and illustrations so it feels more like my own work rather than just using the image itself. Although I still always credit where I got the image from even if I edited it. An example of this Would be my Senior project, I used multiple images for components such as ad campaigns, website, and social media for the brand that I created. At the end of my project presentation I included a page where I had a list of sources for all the images and text that I used.Ā 

The Fairey copyright case was very hectic. In my own opinion I agree that while Fairey was using the image of Obama as reference, he is still responsible for creating that reference that he used. I learned in my illustration class that if you are not creating your own reference photos you should still cite the photo that you are using. Fairey did not do that, especially since the reference photo and the poster are the same pose and resemblance of Obama he should have given credit to the image that he used to create his own work.




Ethics Entry 1

Reading the AIGA guide to ethical guidelines has given me a lot of information on the practice of sourcing images and illustrations. As a designer it has informed me on how to work with outside sources and when to credit that source. In most of my classes especially freshman year there were many instances where I had to use images for projects and I had pulled these images from google. It wasn’t until I was told about the use of images in Communication Design Two class where I started using images from free stock photography websites and creating my own illustrations so my work is my own and not borrowed from someone else. Reading the AGIA guide reminded me of that and it reminded me how important it is for me to cite my sources.Ā 

At my internship my supervisor Isana provides me with a folder of images, text, and brand guidelines. This folder helps me in making sure that all the images and fonts that I use for projects are ethical. While Isana has made my job easier by providing this content for my projects, if I ever had to find images outside of this folder I would make sure that I have permission to use it from the owner. Most stock photography websites show the profile of the photographer and make it easier to reach out to them to make sure I have the right to use it. I would also ask my supervisor for approval before using it in any project. For this internship I didn’t have to sign any contracts since most of the content is provided by my supervisor Isana.Ā