COMD 4900 Spring 2020: COVID-19 and The Future of My Internship

So, all of the CUNY campuses have closed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. I must admit, I am a little worried because I am not sure what this means for my internship. Sure, working from home is not a problem, but I am not sure what this would mean for me now since I worked for a CUNY center, and there will be no more events for them to host, meaning no more events for me to make posters for …

I decided to reach out to both my Professor and my supervisor. I asked my Professor for advice as to what to do in this situation. After speaking with her, I decided that I would email my supervisor and negotiate, yet again, with them.

I gave my supervisor an idea, I can make posters for events that they would have in the future. Either recurring events, or events they know that they will do in Fall 2020 semester. I will keep everyone posted as to how that goes.