COMD 4900 Spring 2020: Negotiating For More Hours

Hugh Ryan Poster

I am relieved to say that I have talked with my supervisor and we negotiated a way for me to get more hours and fulfill my internship requirement. I discussed with them that I would be able to help with things such as event set up, hanging posters around campus, handing out fliers, etc. I also mentioned creating content such as stories for Instagram and Facebook. However, my supervisor mentioned that they were already covered when it came to event set up, and hanging posters around campus. So, I thought of another idea.

Since my supervisor was not too keen on me making stories for Instagram and Facebook, I proposed that I instead make multiple versions of each poster, so that I would be able to give them multiple options, as well as fulfill more hours. My supervisor liked that idea and said that I should do that. I appreciate how accommodating they are, and this taught me a valuable lesson about negotiating in your career.

I am continuing to work in office, as well as work remotely. Honestly, this can be done mostly from home, but I come in once a week to get feedback on my posters in person, and also get my time sheet signed. I don’t mind though, the campus is beautiful.

For the next event, an author is coming to campus and doing a reading of their book titled, “When Brooklyn Was Queer”. For this poster, I was given very little copy to work with (Woohoo!), and I was given a photo of the author. I decided that I wanted to do something a little fun and experimental with the design.

I decided to use a website called Paletton, my Professor for another class taught us a lesson last week on color theory. I usually have issues picking colors, so this website was super helpful! I used this website to pick my colors for the poster. I picked out some fun, slab serif fonts from Google Fonts. I wanted to create a “Less is more” design, inspired by Bauhaus. They loved the way it came out.