COMD4900 Spring 2020: Working On An Event Brochure

LGBTQ Resource Center Event Brochure

Today was my first day of working my internship. I always have envisioned working an internship, so now I am so excited to have started one. I have to admit – the whole “finding an internship” process was very hard and stressful. I did not realize that for many internships I had to apply months in advance. I was so last minute, and because of this, I was getting a lot of rejections. But, my former colleague connected me with a Resource Center that works to provide resources to LGBTQ college students. This really aligns with my values so I was definitely down to intern here.

I showed them my portfolio, and they gave me the internship right there. Although it is unpaid, I don’t mind – it is the experience that is very valuable, and I’m happy to have another thing to add to my resume.

My first day at the internship was pretty calm. I got to meet all of the people that work there. They let me work by myself in an office, I was given the assignment to start working on a brochure for their events. The brochure was to be given out at their next event, and also kept in their office.

They gave me all of the copy I needed to put in the brochure, as well as their logo. However, I had the creative liberty of being able to choose my own fonts and colorways.

I decided that I wanted to have a rainbow accent that would be repeated throughout the design – it provided a really nice contrast with the black text that I used. Although I want it to be eye catching and creative, I also want it to be practical – it is a brochure after all.

I was able to complete the rest of the brochure from home. They gave me information for the first event that I will advertise. I am working about 10 -15 hours per week, one day in person, and the rest remotely. So far, I really like this balance, and I enjoy having the choice to be able to work on my own, and listen to podcasts to keep me entertained. Looking forward to my second week.