COMD 4900 Spring 2020: Negotiating

I am definitely feeling a lot better now. I settled everything with my supervisor. Initially, I proposed that I can make templates for recurring events. However, my supervisor told me that this would not be possible because they are not sure what events they will be having next semester.

They gave me another option though – I can continue to make posters for the events that I was supposed to advertise this semester, but I make them so that they are directly editable if they need to use them again next semester. This is a great relief. I let my Professor know about this, and this is another example of how I was able to negotiate with my supervisor during this internship. Definitely a necessary skill to have!

So, now during this week I am beginning to make designs for the next event that would be held on campus. I am still experimenting with multiple designs – however, I think that I will have to rethink sending multiple designs to my supervisor at once, that will be super overwhelming for them to look at. So, I am trying to think how I can manage my time with this. Will I space them apart, and send one every week? I have to look at my calendar at get that figured out.

But as of now, things seem to have gone back to normal for my internship. I am working remotely, and nothing has really changed besides me being able to go in in person. The work that I was doing was only on my computer, so I am glad I did not have to do much readjusting. I will have to figure out how to navigate this though. I am going to have to save my Illustrator files a certain way, as packages, so they can directly edit them in the future.