RoboQueen (Halloween Edition)

As you have all heard about the famous RoboQueen of the Engineering department, made by our own Women Engineers, we decided to introduce a Halloween Version as well! It is a work in progress overall but for the Halloween Edition automated spooky sounds were inputted into the speech of RoboQueen. For some of you who don’t know about RoboQueen below is some general information on it.

Roboqueen is a multidisciplinary project based in the Computer Engineering Technology department under the supervision of Professor F. Zia. It is a robotic mannequin that can move it’s head and arms and it can speak. It can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and to software services running in the cloud via WiFi. It is being developed as a research platform for applications in several areas such as:

  • Interactive mannequin to be used in social robotics research projects
  • Display model for e-textiles, wearable technology and fashion technology
  • Cloud and mobile device application programming
  • 3D physical modeling and design
  • Computer controlled system design
  • Electromechanical design
  • Wireless networking


Peace of Mind – Wearable Technology 




Mini Roulette Kit


Following projects are currently open for student participation. Most of the projects are muti-disciplinary and students from all technology related programs at City Tech are encouraged to get involved. It may be possible for the students to earn a research project stipend or scholarship through their work and participation in one of these projects. If you are interested in learning how you can get involved, please contact one of the project members or project adviser (Professor Zia, CET department).


Green Garden


Fresh Air






Talk n Roll Bot