Activities 2018

Tech Expo

During the 2018 Tech Exposition, students presented their projects to their peers as well as faculty in order to inspire other students to join the different research program and activities the Computer Engineering Department as well as City Tech.

2018 Tech Exposition


MIT Conference’18

This years MIT conference was a success for our City Tech Hackers. They were awarded the Best Lightning talk presentation for the famous RoboQueen!


Club Fair’18: City Tech Women Engineers Club

In association with IEEE, and the WiTNY Program! The club fair featured few of the projects built by Computer Engineering Technology students, and displayed the internship opportunities, research projects, and etc the Computer Engineering department has to offer.


Maker Fairies 2018

The Maker Fair 2018 was a successful event for the City Tech Hackers. The projects displayed were our very own RoboQueen, Brush Bots, Superhero, and Talk & Roll Bots. The students received The Maker Fair 2018 Zone 2 Editors Choice Award, later the manager that gave the award said this award is given to the booth that best promotes “The spirit of making with technology.”