Project Summary

Talk n Roll Bot is a robotic project currently under active development in the Mechatronics Technology Center (MTC) at CityTech. MTC is an NSF funded project established through collaboration between Mechanical Engineering Technology and Computer Engineering Technology departments. Prof. Farrukh Zia from Computer Engineering Technology department is supervising the development of Talk n Roll Bot.

As the name suggests, Talk n Roll Bot will have the capability to roll around on two wheels and speak with the help of computer controlled voice synthesis.


Raspberry Pi embedded Linux board handles high-level functions such as system development, testing and troubleshooting, Wi-Fi communication with other computers and voice synthesis.


aLaMode Arduino compatible micro-controller board handles low-level real-time functions such as communication with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) (tilt and rotation sensor), motor controller and power supply circuit.

Technical Information

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