I found the final project presentations very fun and thought provoking, every group contributed to the end goal of coming up with ideas on how to improve the interaction between the students and the college. The activities presented had unique twists like the ideas some groups had with the scavenger hunts but the most interesting one I personally found was the augmented reality app that one group presented. It was a way to have students be extremely interactive with the campus the only problem I would find is the retention rate of the app, like will the students use the app for more than a handful of days, the best way to tackle this is to have a secondary function like a city tech forum that the general campus can use or have sub forums for each of the majors. My overall experience with the Internship I found interesting and I feel like I was able to learn and retain a lot of information from the presentation and all of the readings were memorable. I feel like the information and discussion are very current and useful to people’s careers leading into this potential new age of A.I as even in a very infant state has proved to be very powerful.