Pesto Fest

It was a small group that harvested a lot of leaves and pureed a big batch of pesto last evening.

Basil that was planted two short months ago moved into high gear under the influence of full sun, drip irrigation and some organic soil amendments (rich smelling cocoa bean husks and full spectrum compost).  Plus the grace of god.        If things go as planned, The three quarts of fragrant pesto that we froze will be used for the Garden Club’s fall basil demo tasting and fund raiser scheduled for Sept 18.

Tristen, Caroline and Catherine planted more basil, turnips and also some gorgeous little purple basil plants donated by the Grange. We have high hopes of course, that these will be part of the demo.

And the flowers. What a gift from nature! View the pics of our bouquets in the photo gallery page.


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