Sprinklings, inklings

A slow steady rain is welcome after the heat and bright sunshine of last week. It will give the roof plants a moist respite. Butternut squash have been relatively free of bugs so far, but after this soaking we will have  to look closely and be vigilant. (Last year they were well established and got the upper hand.)

Dah wei has been extremely nurturing with the tomatoes; all the plants have been well supported, trimmed. And even tho some of the heirlooms (Black Krim especially) have succumbed to a nasty blight,  the Cherry tomatoes and other hybrids are thriving.  If only Dah wei’s alacrity could be spread around to some of the other gardeners….There are inklings, in some circles, that with out a good dose of human involvement, disregard and chaos will result.

p.s.  Green beans look promising for fall. Basil should be cut.

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