Spring planted arugula and tatsoi had bolted and flowered, a few forgotten radishes went all tough and mealy. That got yanked and tossed on the compost pile: soon it will break down and return to the raised beds as a nutrient. Some spinach, chard and kale, in excellent condition, was harvested by the energetic and heat-tolerant Garden Club members Dah wei, Shellita, and Caroline.

Matt, the resident Grange farmer, donated a gardeners dozen of various tomato plants. He is a generous fella.   Black Krim; Peace Vine, and Sunburst were some of the best named varieties we got.   They went into the newly manicured long bed in a precise configuration that will maximize the limited space we have.

Tomorrow: squash seeds go in; drip hose goes back on; and in anticipation of early fall harvests, another bed may get turned around.

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