Picking and Cooking

A lot has grown on in the past month or two of wonderful spring weather. The Garden Club had an excellent showing for our early Earth Day celebration, as well as a tasty offering for the Wellness Fair last week. Many thanks to all who were involved! We have some eager greens that have been growing nicely, and are about ready to be picked. We would love to use these greens to make a dish for the B-Tech Celebration this upcoming Monday. Prof. H, Dahwei and Brian will be meeting at N201 on Monday at 1:30p. They will head to the garden to pick the greens, then head back to school to prep and cook. All are welcome to come and check out what’s going on these days at the garden! If you’re interested in joining, please let me (Tristen) or Prof. Hellermann know:

tvail90@gmail.com or m.hellermann@citytech.cuny.edu

Happy Spring!

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