Spring on my Mind


The weather is teasing us this week with 60 degrees one day and 25 the next… I’ve had enough winter to last me until 2020! March 20th is the first day of Spring and we’re gonna make it count. Meet us at 11:30am on the 20th around N201 to lay some compost and plant some of our seeds; peas, bok choy, field greens, and whatever else we can get our hands on.

The groups that went to the garden last week had a successful time planting in the greenhouse. Those we will move to the ground in a few weeks when they’re big enough. We also have a chance to grow a few flats of fancy microgreens  in the greenhouse in late March, which will be ready in time for our Earth Day Celebration on April 10th! 

On another note a few of us, or at least myself, will be meeting AT the garden this Saturday around 11am March 15 to do some raking and plot work in preparation for next week. All are welcome!

Stay warm, as we await Spring like a lover waits for her soldier’s homecoming!

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  1. markh says:

    It is wonderful to get these nicely written posts from a City Tech student. We are all ready to embrace the warm spring weather, whenever it arrives.

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