What is a Weed?

“A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.” And as garden life has it, they gotta go! We’ve got some exciting gardening ahead of us so I hope all of you are ready for spring! The winter weeds need to be relocated to the compost pile, the soil needs some TLC, and we have a few chili pepper-related tricks up our sleeves when it comes to spreading organic pesticides.

A few of us will be heading over to the rooftop garden this week to assess what we are working with this season. All are welcome! On Wednesday, March 5th, we have members Shellita, Craig, John, and photographer Alina, meeting near N201 at 2pm. They will accompany Prof. Hellerman and any new members to the garden plot at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Expect to be back at school around 4pm. For anyone who is unavailable then, we have a second group going to the garden this Thursday, March 6, 11:30am-2pm; Dahwei, Sarah, Blessing, Tristen, and Prof. H.

We are hoping to plant seeds in March for a great harvest in late April or early May. We may even have the opportunity to plant a select few seeds earlier in the rooftop greenhouse! A few things we are considering this season: pea shoots, radishes, anise hyssop (a lovely purple flower, great for a table centerpiece), field greens, kale, mizuna lettuce and bok choy.

The rooftop Brooklyn Grange, where the Hospitality Garden Club has a plot with a great view… must see in person!

There are a few other dates to keep in mind as well:

April 10th in N206; the Garden Club plans to host an early Earth Day celebration with free snacks like kale chips, sushi, sweets and more! Come enjoy some music, food and photo booth fun between 12:45-2:15pm!

May 1st; We will be participating in City Tech’s annual Wellness Fair, most likely with some micro greens and garden-friendly recipes! Check back for more details as this date gets closer.

Let’s all hope Spring comes soon!


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