We always knew that the HospitalityGarden had a temporary arrangement with the owner of the land. But it is sad to find out that  Acadia Realty plans to begin building on the site this fall.   The Dekalb Market will have to find a new place to set up shop and the Garden Club is looking for a sunny plot of land to cultivate.  We have until the end of October before the ‘dozers move in.    More details on the changes here


and here     http://gothamist.com/2012/06/21/dekalb_market_has_to_move.php

An opportunity presents itself: make use of the garden we have until October. Embrace the challenge of finding another site.

On the other hand, this is pretty small potaotes compared to the global warming induced weather we are facing in the US.  For more on this, read Elizabeth Kolbert’s recent commentary in the New Yorker http://www.newyorker.com/talk/comment/2012/07/23/120723taco_talk_kolbert 

and equally depressing news in the Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/26/us/rise-in-weather-extremes-threatens-infrastructure.html?_r=1 

As Axle Rose said, “Where do we go now, where do we go”

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