Mid summer update


Melons, zukes, peppers, herbs, shiso and flowers are thriving in the heat, the sporadic rain and the watering care provided by Dah Wei, Shelita and Joslyn. Pole  beans are being trained toward the nearby sunflowers

High heat has driven the tomatoes to new heights. But last week’s humidity has brought on what appears to be ‘blossom end rot’ in the “Country Taste” variety, so many of the fruits needed to be discarded. Other varieties—Yellow Pear, Cosmonaut Volkov*; Grandeur;  Black Brandy wine— have not caught the bug so as with many pursuits, it has proven beneficial to diversify. 

Last week we broadcast some lettuce, arugula and kale seeds for early fall salads, for the beginning of classes, and the arrival of early fall students. Hope springs eternal. 

Hope we can find another garden spot for next year.

* Seeds from this tasty variety came from Pinetree Gardens a long time ago and is named after Aleksander Volkov, commander of 2 Soyuz missions of the late ’80’s. Why a tomato in his honor? Send in the answer and get the first tomato off the vine.

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