Update, Recess

I will do my best to update you on a regular basis.

–Classes are currently on recess and we will not meet on Wednesday, March 18.
–The college remains open at this time.
–I am in the process of updating the syllabus, as of 03/13/2020 it is not updated.
–The only homework currently due is the Retail Wine Shop Analysis. This is due on March 25 at 6pm as instructed in class and on the student handout.
–The course projects as listed in the syllabus (Retail Analysis and Beverage Production Analysis) will proceed as stated in the syllabus.
–I will have office hours as scheduled unless the college closes.


What you need to know and more can be found through these sites. Dedicated time to learning about German wines will pay off for years to come.






Goria Laws

Read and Learn…

“The Italian wine law system as we know it today formally began in 1963 when the Italian government introduced not one, but two levels of quality for appellations that would denote border limits, grape varieties, wine styles, aging requirements, and more, mimicking the already-established French AOC system. ”