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Wednesday, March 25

Sevenfiftydaily has a great resource for beverage and restaurant professionals

Wednesday, March 18

Please take a moment to welcome the students from the 11:30am Wine and Beverage Management class, we will now all share one learning environment.

Course Platforms

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  • syllabus
  • articles and study suggestions (files and blog)
  • power points (in files)
  • assignment instructions (in files and on pages)
  • submission of Retail Analysis or Wine List Analysis
  • submission of Current Events Reflection


  • submission of Trends Report
  • videos of lecture material
  • collaborate ultra so we can meet virtually
  • weekly assessments

Format of the class sessions

  • You need to participate during your regularly scheduled class time 11:30-2:00 or 6:00-8:30
  • The first hour of the class session will be a welcome video and a series of 10 minute (on average) videos that you can watch at your pace, they will be posted in advance of the class meeting time.
  • One hour after the start of class, I will have a 45-60 minute question and answer session, it is during this time that the class will meet at a group. However, I will host collaborate sessions during the entire class time.
  • At the end of each class session, students will have one hour to complete an assessment. It will be a quiz format and be part of your quiz grade.
    • For instance. We have a lecture on California coming up. After the videos and the Q&A a quiz will be made available on Blackboard.
    • The quiz will need to be completed by 3:00 or 9:30, depending on the course you are enrolled in