Retail Beverage Store Analysis

The PDF of the assignment can be found here: Retail Analysis s2020

10% of course grade


Visit a retail wine store. Review the store set-up and analyze the benefits/drawbacks of the store. Compose an essay analyzing the store’s attributes/weaknesses.


Role and Audience

As a student studying wine you will be in the role of investigator, seeking a better understanding of various styles of wines and spirits.

Important Note: Students should call the retail store in advance and arrange a meeting with a manager or other store employee. Make sure to let that employee know what you are doing and why you are visiting the store. Ask permission to take photographs (many store employees will be weary of a person walking in and taking photos).


The audience of the paper is anyone interested in visiting a retail wine store.



This assignment will be assessed for clarity of the information communicated about wine and spirits from various regions around the world and how they are presented to consumers in a retail store. Students should analyze and interpret the attributes/weaknesses of the retail store through the written word and photographs. Comparing two different retail stores is encouraged.


The analysis should be 375-425 words in length.


Format (two parts)

Part 1, week 4: Create and submit, in writing during class, three questions you will ask the retail store manager/employee.


Part 2, week 8:

  • The analysis will be submitted as a new post on the course OpenLab site
  • Minimum of four images including at least one of each of the following: 1) “Shelf Talker”; 2) a red wine from Italy; 3) a sparkling wine not from the European Union; and 4) a white wine from a region you did not know made wine.
    • For each image, explain what is portrayed in the image
  • Comment on at least two other student’s posts
  • ALTERNATIVE FORMAT, upon discretion of your instructor: Include the above requirements in an APA format essay


Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this project, students will be able to:

  1. recognize fermented beverages and where they are produced;
  2. recognize and define wine terminology;

discuss the sale and service of alcoholic beverages

2 thoughts on “Retail Beverage Store Analysis

  1. First of all, I will like to let everyone know that I am allergic to alcohol. I am really excited to write about the retail beverage store analysis. The liquor store that I have picked is called Cathedral Wine & Liquor. The reason why I have picked this liquor store is that is two blocks away from my house. I have been to this liquor store like 3 to 4 times to help my friends to buy some alcohol. The staff from this liquor store always have upside-down emotions. sometimes they are in a good mood and sometimes they have a terrible attitude. I always call a certain place before going to that place. So every time I call their liquor store no one picks up my phone. Which makes me upset. This liquor store is a family business and is owned by Hugues Asdrubal.

    The first time when I went to this liquor store I was lost. As I remember before taking W&B class I didn’t know anything about wine. I remember when I was a little girl I thought that a bottle of wine is made by the day that is shown on the bottle. But actually that is not true. The first thing that I have learned in this class that the date that is shown on the bottle is the date that the grapes were picked. I think wine is really interesting as the entire process from picking up the grapes, Pressing the grapes, fermenting clarification, aging, and bottling. I really enjoy going to a liquor store after W&B class. Most of the time I will go on a Wednesday and buy some alcohol for my friends. I really enjoy cooking and I have friends that they really like drinking wine. So after W&B class I will go to the liquor store and buy the bottle of wine that I like the most after tasting them in class for my friends to pare with the food.

    I did not have the chance to talk to the owner and the couple of times that I have been there was a lady who was really rude. I asked them if I can take a picture of the liquor or liquor store but I have been rejected. I couldn’t see any picture on yelp. The price of this liquor store is affordable. They have all kinds of wine, whiskey, Ron, champagne, sparkling wine. Most of the sparkling wine is a place on the fridge. Hopefully the next time I go to this liquor store I have the opportunity to talk to the boss and learn more about wine.

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