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Christy Hemphill
Prof. Goodlad
HMGT 2402

Current State of Business

It’s unfortunate of how many people in the restaurant and wine industry is forced in going out of business because of epidemic we’re going through. As a young lady in the hospitality industry, I too faced the effects of working on the kitchen line. 85 percent of restaurants has closed but the 15 remaining that is open is also facing trails themselves. Food that was made from scratched and was daily delivered by food vendors, is now depending on canned goods. Hours has been cut extremely short or people has been laid off. Some managers took the task of doing multiple shifts such as being the roles of line cooks and dish washers. They had to reduce the menu’s top sellers. What they did to keep the restaurant business going is having their establishment opened for delivers and pick up orders. I find it to be very ironic how majority of people looked down on fast food industries and now there still in business compared to fine dining establishments.

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