Liberia Class Assignment

Christy Hemphill
Professor. Goodlad
HMGT 2402

What is the name of the region where Sherry is produced? – Jerez also known as “Xeres” and Port.

List styles of Sherry? – Fino-style sherry, Hybrid-style sherry, Oloroso-style sherry, and Dried grape sherry

Explain the characteristics of the region’s climate. – The sherry region is in the southwest of Spain in Anadaulsia between Cadiz and Seville. Andalusia’s climate is hot and dry, but the climate of Jerez is cooler because of the Atlantic Ocean. The summer months are usually dry with no rain at all.

Identify the soil and explain what makes it unique. – Albariza soil has 30% of limestone rich chalky soil which is known for the growth of Palomino grape. Barro soil which is the clay soil, and Arena which is the sandy soil.

What is the Dominant Grape Variety? – Palomino, Pedro Ximenez, and Moscatel.

List styles of Sherry and explain the difference – Fino-style sherry are fortified to a low level of alcohol in order to permit the flor to flourish. Hybrid-style sherry begins with the fino sherry. During the aging process, the flor dies out allowing the wines to age in the solena. Oloroso-style is sherry wine with a higher alcohol strength to prevent the development at a later point. Dried grape sherry is a sweet sherry produced from Pedro Ximenez or Moscatel. These grapes are harvested at a high level. After being dried the grapes are pressed and partially fermented before being fortified and aged.

What is Flor? – A barrier of yeast thats rises on the top of the wine to protect the wine from oxygenation.

What is the result of using the solera system? – To ensure consistency. By blending multiple vintages, the possible variability of each year will be lowered. After a certain amount of years, the bottled wine will maintain a constant average age.

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