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Current State of Business

It’s unfortunate of how many people in the restaurant and wine industry is forced in going out of business because of epidemic we’re going through. As a young lady in the hospitality industry, I too faced the effects of working on the kitchen line. 85 percent of restaurants has closed but the 15 remaining that is open is also facing trails themselves. Food that was made from scratched and was daily delivered by food vendors, is now depending on canned goods. Hours has been cut extremely short or people has been laid off. Some managers took the task of doing multiple shifts such as being the roles of line cooks and dish washers. They had to reduce the menu’s top sellers. What they did to keep the restaurant business going is having their establishment opened for delivers and pick up orders. I find it to be very ironic how majority of people looked down on fast food industries and now there still in business compared to fine dining establishments.

Liberia Class Assignment

Christy Hemphill
Professor. Goodlad
HMGT 2402

What is the name of the region where Sherry is produced? – Jerez also known as “Xeres” and Port.

List styles of Sherry? – Fino-style sherry, Hybrid-style sherry, Oloroso-style sherry, and Dried grape sherry

Explain the characteristics of the region’s climate. – The sherry region is in the southwest of Spain in Anadaulsia between Cadiz and Seville. Andalusia’s climate is hot and dry, but the climate of Jerez is cooler because of the Atlantic Ocean. The summer months are usually dry with no rain at all.

Identify the soil and explain what makes it unique. – Albariza soil has 30% of limestone rich chalky soil which is known for the growth of Palomino grape. Barro soil which is the clay soil, and Arena which is the sandy soil.

What is the Dominant Grape Variety? – Palomino, Pedro Ximenez, and Moscatel.

List styles of Sherry and explain the difference – Fino-style sherry are fortified to a low level of alcohol in order to permit the flor to flourish. Hybrid-style sherry begins with the fino sherry. During the aging process, the flor dies out allowing the wines to age in the solena. Oloroso-style is sherry wine with a higher alcohol strength to prevent the development at a later point. Dried grape sherry is a sweet sherry produced from Pedro Ximenez or Moscatel. These grapes are harvested at a high level. After being dried the grapes are pressed and partially fermented before being fortified and aged.

What is Flor? – A barrier of yeast thats rises on the top of the wine to protect the wine from oxygenation.

What is the result of using the solera system? – To ensure consistency. By blending multiple vintages, the possible variability of each year will be lowered. After a certain amount of years, the bottled wine will maintain a constant average age.

Wine List Analysis

Christy Hemphill
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Wine – A fermented product of grapes. The typical grapes we consumers know about are our green grapes pitted or seedless and the same thing with our red grapes. Come to find out, there are a variety of 700 grapes and counting around the world and these grapes are specialized in the process of producing wines. Those grapes produce wines that are red, white, rose (pink) and sometimes orange. Some wines are cheap and some are very expensive depending on how it was processed, the vintage year, soils, and the aging of the wine. Customers drink wine for celebrations, some consumers do it for the cultures, pairing with a meal, and for relaxation. The famously known countries for making wine are in France and Italy and it is bottled, and sold around the world. Little do people know, there are wines made from Germany, Portugal, New Zealand, Africa, and Asia. I fell upon two restaurants with a wine line from almost every country.

The Blue Ribbon Brasserie is a casual, comfortable restaurant with many locations in the New York area such as Brooklyn, SoHo Manhattan, and Las Vegas. The Blue Ribbon Brasserie located in Brooklyn, Park Slope is a family-friendly version of Soho’s locations with a lively night twist. Their menu has a little bit of proteins, and meats, but it truly favored seafood as their main dish. With a menu such as there’s, I’m sure the consumer would like a glass or a bottle of wine for their meal. The wines list for Blue Ribbon Brasserie is fairly short; two pages to be exact. The wine list contains a full page of red wine, a full page of white wine with four options of rose. What I noticed about this establishment was that the majority of the wines they are selling was from Spain and Italy. The wine list showed the name of the grape, the grape’s region, along with the price per glass and per bottle. The wine list also had some wines from France, California, and Argentina.

Batard is a five-star modern European restaurant that’s located in Tribeca NY. Batard restaurant advertised their expensive list of 800 wines from around the world. The wine list contains 54 pages and within each page, it has an introduction of each wine from each country, with the region, year, and cru of the wine. Bartard wines has a page of bargain burgundy which is the top 20 wines of our burgundies that is priced for $80 or less. Rully Premier CRU ‘GRÉSIGNYG’ michel briday 2014 was one of the wines that was advertised for the price of $72 dollars. What I admire about Batard is that they have a background summary which explains the appellation control statement (AOC), a brief summary about the vineyard, posted pictures, and explained in depth the grape and the flavor of the wine. “The dense and flavorful Aligoté is not to be overlooked, nor is the Domaine’s reference-point Passetoutgrains, a deft and delicious blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir, all from the village of Nuits”. (Page 4 Wine Selection). The wine list showed all the regions in Chablis, Champagne, Burgundy, Cote D’or, Beaujolais, and the list goes on. With Batard restaurant, it shows the importance in their wines and where it was produced in its country.

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