Wine analysis

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Wine Analysis


New York is world widely known for one of the most tourist visited places in the whole world. One of the reason being is because of its hospitality industry. When it comes to restaurants, New York has a reputation of having one of the best fine dine in restaurants in the world. Not only do these luxurious restaurants serve the best food, but they’re also popular for their alcoholic beverages.

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, not just New York. People drink wine for several reasons. One of the reasons is because they enjoy the wine pairing with specific foods. Other reasons are because of the history and traditions of wine, to enhance special moments with wine or they drink it for several health benefits.

Two restaurants that I picked to compare are Gabriel Kreuther and 21 Club. Chef Gabriel has a reputation of one of the top chefs in NYC for running his restaurant. Gabriel Kreuther offers a variety of wines. Although the prices are slightly high, the wine however is affordable. On the other hand, 21 Club is known for serving top notch wines.

Gabriel Kreuther offers a list of red and white wines. The wine list includes the producer, grape variety, country, year and the price. The wine prices listed on the menu were for a glass each. The price of each glass of white wine ranged from $17 to $40. The price of the red wines ranged from $17 to $36. The restaurant also offers a rose wine and an orange wine. The prices for those were about $18-$19 a glass. The menu for the wines is not extremely big but it is displayed nicely.

21 Club offers lots of wines. The wine menu is extremely big. The wines listed in the menu are offered by half bottle and full bottle prices. The wine list also displays the year, grape variety country. There were many types of white wines listed in the menu. The white and red wines were shown differently by the name of the region. Some wines listed in the menu were extremely expensive and some wines were sold for $60 and under for the full bottle prices.

After comparing the wine menu for both restaurants, it is known that both fine dine-in restaurants offer great wines. Although the prices of the wines are bit expensive, the quality and the display of serving the wine covers that up.

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