Vineyard visit By Veronika Lisetska

Choosing a good bottle of wine can be a challenging job but making a decent bottle of wine is even more hard and needs a good set of skills. It is a different science itself and requires knowledge in agricultural and chemistry industry. For this paper I chose a vinery that is located in Outer Coastal Plain Vineyard Association in New Jersey State. It is named Fox Hollow Vineyards and the exact address is 939 Holmdel Rd, Holmdel, NJ 07733 and its open from Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. When I asked an employee why it is called Fox Hollow they told me that when an owner was purchasing this land he saw a fox running through the area and thought it was a good sing.

  Fox Hollow Vineyard has a total of 94 acres of land. This area has moderate climate that is followed by Atlantic Ocean and Delaware River.  Soil type that Fox Hollow Vineyard has its a mix of sand, silt and clay. New Jersey has hot summers and cold winters. This area grows a large varieties of grapes in 2010 there were more than fifty varieties grown including vinifera and hybrid grapes. The top five grapes grown in Outer Coastal Plain Vineyard area are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Chambourcin.  

 It was a Sunday afternoon when I reached this place. They had a big parking lot right next to little farm. On that farm owners kept some animals like goats, sheep and horses. Outside of the vinery there are few fireplaces with seats to taste wines and enjoy a view from the hill. Also, this place offers cheese plates of different sizes and has a selection of sandwiches and paninis.

They offer tasting menu for as low as 12$ for five wines that you can select from their list. There is also a list of wines that can be reserved for 18$ for five different wines. After tasting this wines I purchased two bottle. First one was, 2015 Riesling  which cost $20 for one bottle, and second one was 2015 Cabernet Franc for 30$ for one bottle. Person that was serving wine was not very knowledgable about wine that this place was making. I asked few questions about their wine production and could not get an answer until I talked to the manager. I was disappointed with the service this place had but their wines tasted good. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Production


Stainless steel production

Souvenir Glass

Wine Aging


For my choice of five wines I had :


2015 Riesling – “Crisp & Clean with notes of honeysuckle & citrus, aged in stainless steel & finished dry.

2015 Barrel Aged Chardonnay– “ Smooth with notes of caramel, vanilla and cloves, aged 14 month in Russian Oak barrels.”

Semi-Sweet Whites:

2016 Petite Belle– “Semi-Sweet, aromatic white wine.


2015 Cabernet Franc– “Smooth with notes of leather, tobacco & black Cherry, aged 18 month in French $ American oak barrels.”

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon – “  Full red wine with hints of black pepper and blackberries, aged 18 month in French oak barrel.”


2018 Certified Specialist of Wine Study Guide by Jane Nickles

Soil Types of New Jersey by Michael Rosenfield  July 2017


Retail Analysis Blog by Veronika Lisetska

Retail Analysis Blog, By Veronika Lisetska


  Buying a bottle of wine that you would like could be a challenging job. Going to the right store where a person that knows enough about wine and would be able to help you is very important. As for my retail wine shop project I chosen  a store “Smith & Vine”  that is located  at 317 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231. They also have a webpage!/price_range=942

     This store is highly organized and has a big selection of different type of wine. It is easy to locate different countries wine like Italian, French, German and so on. Each wine label that this store has says where particular wine is from, region, vintage, grapes variety and tasting notes. Very often when you walk to the liquor store there is a lot of wines but it is hard to choose because sellers do not know enough about wines.       

     Expensive wine in this store are located behind a little cage and can be assessed by a seller. In the middle of the store there is an “ island “ that has the most popular or any new wines that the manager brings in. What I likes the most about this store is that the owner knows what he is doing. This store has different prices starting from around  ten dollars a bottle and goes up to two hundred dollars.

     This retail shop has nice design and friendly atmosphere in side.

-Label that explains Region, Grape variety and has some tasting notes.

-Sparkling wines that are not from France. -Those three wines are from Italy.

-“Shelf Talker” wine -It is from Italy

– Wine from Spain