Najja Hennix-Production Experiential Learning Analysis

For my Beverage Production Experiential Learning Analysis I visited Torne Valley Vineyards, which is in the New York AVA. I truly enjoyed the day. Although we had some trouble getting there, needing a jump-start from another car was worth it. I went with my mom and my grandma and it was a nice bonding experience. The Torne Valley Vineyard is a family run business. The family’s last name is France, which I think fit perfect for their business. Debbie France greeted us as we walked in. She let us know about their wine tasting and also let us know they had great lunch specials with wine pairing to the meal. Linda France was our wine master


We had a tasting of nine wines. The first was a Chardonnay. It was a classic golden color, with vibrant overtones of melon, grass, and vanilla. It would go great with a creamed sauce over poultry or fish. The second was a Traminette. It had a lovely balance of sweet and dry. It had a honey, apricot and citrus trait with a subtle, fragrant aroma. It would go great with seafood. Seyval Blanc. Followed the Traminette. It was very clean with a crisp taste. It was very summery and would pair nicely with a fruit salad. Next was the Riesling, which I liked a lot, but my mother thought was too sweet. It had subtle notes of apples, peaches, and honey. We also tried the Sweet Summertime, which was a well blend of Cayuga, Vidal Blanc and Vignoles grape varieties. It was crisp, clean, and refreshing with notes of peaches and citrus. The Gewurztraminer was the sixth wine we tasted. It was sweet with notes of cantaloupe. I would good nice with tuna. The Cabernet Franc was fruity. It had raspberry and violets note. It would pair nicely with pasta. Lastly there was the Kimmie’s Crush. This wine is named after the winemakers’ wife. It’s a classic Bordeaux style with a touch of Catawba, this unique marriage of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon gives off strong flavors of plum, cherry, and blueberries. All of the wines were made in their barn.


Torne Valley Vineyards was founded in 2009 and has the proud distinction of becoming the first fully functioning winery in Rockland County New York. It is seated on an historic 19th century country estate, the property and its’ Victorian mansion have been lovingly restored to provide visitors with a profoundly “retro” experience. From the iconic stone gate, which makes you to want to explore their beautiful landscaped grounds, to the incredible Ramapo River views, to the warmth and elegance of their period, interior event space, I felt as if I have stepped back in time, yet it is just forty miles from New York City.  They get most of the other grapes from the Finger Lakes. The family is still working on the vineyard and they let me know that their grapes will not be ready for another three to five years. The wine that they do serve is aged, bottled, and labeled in their barn. A special attribute about the vineyard was their wine has very low sulfites. Meaning you most likely will not get a headache after drinking too much of their wines. Currently the grape variation grown in the vineyard is Gewurztraminer and Syrah.


I got a chance to talk to the winemaker briefly and asked him about his viniculture and vinification practices. He simply told me he followed standard methods. He informed me the previous owner of the property was a wine master and taught him everything he knows. Overall I really enjoyed this project. Although we were not able to see exactly how the wine is made at this location, it was still very informative. My mother and I ended up buying four bottles.

My lovely Grandma that drove me and my mother there

The House

Debbie France Getting us ready

The Winery Lunch Menu

The Tasting!

More tasting


The Vineyards


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