Crozes – Hermitage

Crozes – Hermitage by Elisabeth Yoo & Chinelle Ann Hooper

Crozes – Hermitage

  • Country – France
  • Region – Rhône Valley (Northern)
  • Appellation – Crozes – Hermitage Cote de Beaune

Grape Variety

  • Red – Syrah


  • Mediterranean, East & South Slopes don’t get effected west facing is dry.


  • Granite soil with a blend of sand along the Rhône River


  • Stainless steel vats, traditional white wine production

How to read a Wine Label

  • Labels differ in reference to the origins of the grapes, even though same producer.
  • Grand Cru is the highest vineyard classification in Burgundy, followed by Premier Cru. After that, the appellation is only for the village as a whole, and finally the appellation for the region.

Interesting fact

  • Wines range in quality from simple food wines to awesome Syrah’s

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