Retail Wine Shop Assignment..

Joel Abreu

October 18th 2018

Wine and Beverage Management


As a student taking this class I had to visit a wine retail store where I had to ask a few questions based on the what they have in stock and how the wines are stored. From what I noticed when visiting this wine shop many different people go in and ask for specific wines of their choice which shows that people know what they want when they go in and ask for what they are looking for specifically. The most popular wines that they carry are Pinot Project or Pinot Noir from California and Underwood Pinot Noir which is Oregon Grown. Some wines are kept in barrels of wood, are oaky and have a specific grape process which reminds the local customers where they came from. The manager mentioned to me that they prefer a wine that they once tried in their hometown and has a specific taste. This specific wine company by the name of G&I Wine Spirits has days when they host for wine tasting or they market the new merchandise by placing it in a specific area where the customer would take notice of what is being marketed to the buyer. The way this retail shop stores the wine is by keeping them in the basement, but one specific way the red wine is kept in in refrigerators as oppose to white wine that isn’t. the most popular wine that is carried by this company is Caymus Vineyards which come from Napa Valley and Stags Leap Wine Cellars which also comes from Napa Valley. Eddie mentioned to me that he studied and received his wine certification here in New York City. Besides the customers he says that his biggest challenge is maintaining the wine so that it doesn’t go bad. he said to me he makes sure that each and every single wine is able to be sold and has not gone bad. he makes it his responsibility to make sure that the cork hasn’t gone bad because it can affect the wine as the aging continues.


This is an American sparkling wine named Gruet Methode Champenoise.


this is a wine from a region I didn’t know made wine which is Australia.



This one here is a shelf talker and product from Spain.