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For my retail shop visit, I went to Thirst Wine Merchants on Green Ave in Brooklyn, New York. The place is under a little area so it is not noticeable if you are not paying attention. While entering the shop there is nothing exciting or eye-catching about it. The shop gets straight to the point by only having the wine and county it is from. There are little paintings around. This store looked like a place you go to just pick up a bottle of wine you already knew and then going home. The set up of the store was plain. 

Red from Spain

A pro to this retail shop was the willingness of the worker that was present. He was the only person working in the shop at the time of my arrival. I explained to him what I was doing and he already had an idea because he stated a few of my classmates had come by there already. I asked for all the things I needed and he was able to help in the best way he could. 

While asking about the shelf talker, there was no luck because they did not do those at that location. If you were not a worker in the store or someone who knew what wine they preferred or studied then it would be very hard to maneuver around this shop. The only labeling was the numbers on the bottles, the name or the bottle, and the country above it to distinguish between the wines. The stands the wines were put in hard no writing. In my opinion, when you go into a place like that you would expect writing on the shelf. The first place you are looking is down by the wine not above your head, which is where the countries were.

Sparkling from Italy

Austria is a country located in Central Europe. Most of the wines coming from this country are from white grape varieties.

Red from Austria

At the end of my self-tour, the worker was polite and asked if I needed any more help or had any more questions. 


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  1. I love how above the Austrian wine they included a mini map. I also find it better when wine shops cut to the chase about their product because I dislike being a bother to ask questions, although they probably wouldn’t mind. I’m glad it was a smooth going experience.

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