Wine Retail Store Analysis by Louie Panganiban

At this retail store this was their version of a shelf talker. I believe the owner thought it was clever to just take an excerpt off a website, rather than speak on his own words about the wine on the shelf. 

Gertdrude Tuscana is a red wine that is an affordable table wine from Italy. I found out that its smooth and aged in stainless steal barrels. From what we know, it not being aged in wood barrels may result in a less smoky or vanilla flavor. The cartoon pig was a cute touch.

On this shelf holds slightly more pricey wines. For example this Benefizio Riserva Pomino Bianco holds a price of 47 dollars. I searched online for this exact same bottle and nothing was changed or different. This retail store is selling this bottle for the same price. At first glance I believed it to be a red wine, fooled by looks I picked it up and was surprised to see it was a white wine.

Here we have Domaine Saint Eugenie Corbieres Rogue. I enjoyed the look of wood chips at the bottom because it looks aesthetically pleasing. This is wine is known for having a mix blend of Syrah and Granche. Another great value for the price.

Another simple red wine having all those notes of red berries and slight pepper. This was another very affordable wine going at around 9 dollars. Suggested to buy for someone interested in getting into the large world of wine.

I will not name the wine retail shops for the sake of not having to waste anymore time with them.

The first retail store at first seemed to be interested because I assumed he thought that I was a customer. When I told him I was a student at NYCCT in Hospitality Management studying wine and asked for a little assistance in questions he gave me the cold shoulder, told me to do what ever i have to do and get out. I decided to just leave.

The second retail store I went to said they would be open at 12, but they weren’t so I waited. I checked online to double check the scheduled hours; they were still not opened.

The last and final retail store seemed normal, except the owner. The second I mentioned I was a student at NYCCT studying wines and NOT a customer I was met with hostility. I understand getting irked about not being informed ahead of time of my arrival, but still treat me with kindness because the best advertisement is WORD OF MOUTH. Pictures were fine, however when I asked for just FIVE minutes maybe less for two or three questions they couldn’t due to being too “busy” when right before I approached him he was just playing games on his phone. I could see now why your store was empty and I pray it remains this way.

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