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The United States has grown in the production of retail wine shops. Our local retail wine shop brings so much opportunity and understanding to be learned. My local retail shop “Bottle Shoppe” has been the place I have been going to for about 6 months now. This retail shop is located 301 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn New York. I had the pleasure of speaking to Daniel Gatsby. Daniel Gatsby has been an artist & craftsman for 9 years now. He has been working for about 2 months at Bottle Shoppe. This wine shop has been open for 3 years. Daniel discuss that the dominate country is Italy. They pay much attention to piedmont. Other wines provide are Real rioja, California, south America Argentina, medusa, chili, south Africa, new Zealand and New world. Daniel expressed that the wines presented are as important as the wine shop itself. I work for retail so exploring there delivery was one of my interest. He said they have 3 days of delivery. Wine selling is done by seasons. Seasons are an intense, business changes about 6 times each decaded in the wine market. The way they sell their wines is to buy them by cases. One thing I found interesting is that there is no trading bottles once sold. For explain you cannot sell from one shop to another. Also you cannot have more than one wine shop with the same owner. They sell there bottles for about 5 to 10 dollars more then what they bought it for. When it comes to picking out wine to sell they go to conventions. In which people promote and sell there wine. It is a business of people getting there product on the self. This wine Shoppe does not have a website. They will be having one soon due to the internet being in such demand now. One question I asked was “why open a wine retail shop?” Daniel express that it is a returning business. It’s a natural business in which it cannot be bought. I was impressed by how passionate Daniel was for wine. It showed me in order to run a wine shop you need the best to run it. The hardest thing about opening up a retail wine shop is getting licensed. The way Bottle Shoppe gives back to the community is by having charities and wine tasting twice a week. Bottle Shoppe is my favorite wine retail shop. It was a pleasure to interview Daniel and learn a some of the ropes inside. I will be visiting on regular and advice everyone too. They have knowledge to guide you to your desired wine.

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