Winery Visit Assignment

PDF of Winery/Vineyard Blog Assignment F15

Due week 12, 5% of course grade


Visit a vineyard with a winery in any AVA.  Explain the techniques the winery employs when making their wine. Identify and analyze the unique qualities of the wines using the following information:

  • Grapes grown
  • Approach to agriculture
  • Vinification practices utilized
  • Knowledge of tasting room personnel
  • Customer service skill of tasting room personnel
  • Additional comments/recommendations


As a student studying wine and beverage management, you will be in the role of investigator, seeking out a better understanding of how grapes are grown, how wine is made and the various styles of wine grown in any particular AVA.


The audience of the assignment is anyone interested in visiting a winery and vineyard as well as anyone wanting to know more about vineyards, wine making and wine tasting.


  • Create a new post on the OpenLab for the analysis
    • Change the “category” to “winery and vineyard visit blog”
  • Include six descriptive photos including at least one of each of the following: tasting room, marketing, wine making, vineyard management and life cycle of the vine.
    • For each photo, explain what is portrayed.
    • Provide a photo credit even though the expectation is that the photo is your own
  • Comment on at least one other student’s post


  • Analysis must include a minimum of 10 vocabulary words (bold the word)
  • The photos are included in the post in a logical manner
  • The analysis is approximately 400 words in length
  • Two citations to support the analysis are included

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Communicate in diverse settings wine making methods using wine industry terminology (HMGT: Skill; Gen Ed: Skill)
  2. Gather, interpret and apply information about the factors that affect the taste of wine (HMGT: Knowledge; Gen Ed: Integration)
  3. Gather, interpret and apply information about the geographic regions where fermented beverages are produced (HMGT: Knowledge; Gen Ed: Integration)

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