Linda’s Vineyard Visit

we had a great time

we had a great time

When choosing a vineyard for this project it was very difficult. Long island has so many of them with different agricultures and ways of making there wine. Jason’s vine yard is located on 1785 Main road Jamesport. This vineyard I had hear about from my cousin in which he did his engagement photos at. Jason’s Vineyard was established in 1996. They are producers of old wine making. There vineyard grows French clones of chardonnay, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and Malbec. This consist of 20 acres of vines, the vines are one by two meter spacing between the vines and rows produces superior fruit.(Jason,1994) The owner has Meritage blends, which consist of merlot, cabernet franc, and cabernet Sauvignon. They are put in French oak to be aged. In this vineyard they have large fermentation rooms with steel tanks. These steel tanks has space to creature the uniqueness of Jason’s wines. When you walk into the tasting room you will approach this built in ship in which you do your wine tasting. You are given a tasting sheet. For $20.00, you are able to taste 8 different wines. This sheet had the food pairing. It also gave you the taste you would most likely get. It also gave you what you would most likely smell. This tasting sheet was very detailed. Made me feel as if I had no reason to taste, they told me everything I had to know. Most people at the end at this time I could tell were not there to experience the tasting. The customers there were more into a social gathering. Wine is one of the most social drink to bring. Which is understandable. On the Left they have a lounging area in which there was live music. This lounge area has windows to see the vineyard and also the animals that are held next to the vineyard. When it comes to the customer service since I went on a Saturday it was packed. They did the best they could, they had only 3 servers. They did not know much about the vineyard but they had good knowledge on what was being served. I would have more servers that had knowledge of the place itself. This vineyard also had varies cheese and crackers. Most customers did not get this meal plan with the wine. It is a great thing to have. They also had varies gifts you can get. For example baskets and cheese boards. The overall analysis of this vineyard is to come on the week days if you are into wine tasting. If you want to be a part of a social event come on the weekends. This vineyard was very beautiful and offers a lot to their customers. I would want better staff to give their customers the knowledge they would get out of the experience. I would go back to this vineyard. I recommend others to as well.

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where we tasted

where we tasted


1785 main road jamesport

1785 main road Jamesport

Vines in Jason's vineyard

Vines in Jason’s vineyard

Taste Sheet

Tasting sheet

Vine yard,Jason's Vineyard