Experiential Summary and Oral Presentation


Consider all that New York has to offer visitors and New Yorkers alike. Consider also places in New York that you would like to visit. Perhaps they are a museum, an art gallery, a park, a sports arena, a restaurant and so much more.

From your list, choose a New York City tourist attraction or historically significant location you would like to visit and evaluate the attributes as based on 1) significance to the culture of NY, 2) the attraction’s point of difference and 3) the target demographic of the attraction. Use the grid on the back to collect research material in order to present your findings to the class.

Role and Audience: Everyone and anyone


  • Post the chosen location on OpenLab under “Tourism Attraction Assignment”, only one student per attraction
  •  2-2½  page essay
  • Oral Presentation, including visual aids: see handout, retain for in-class use

Students will exhibit their ability to express themselves as an academic and hospitality professional.

  • APA format and standards, proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling…
  • Minimum two credible references, plus website of /tourist attraction/historically significant location
    • Student’s ability to evaluate the importance of the tourist attraction or historically significant location on the New York City hospitality industry
    • Evidence that the student understands the importance of employees as a part of the product and how an employee influences the guest’s experience.
    • Recognition of and description of the impact of competition, service, and contribution to the New York City hospitality industry

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

  • Identify and articulate a Tourist Attraction/ Historically Significant Location  in New York City as it related to the hospitality industry
  • Identify the scope of the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Describe the characteristics of the Hospitality Industry on a local, national and international perspective
  • Outline the duties of various levels of front line employees and mangers

Describe key management functions in a tourism attraction

The Assignment is due on Week 14, December 6. All presentations will be split between the Week 14 and Week 15

10% & 10% of course grade

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