Teaching Responsibilities

While I have not the most current instructor’s handbook information readily available to make reference to here, the following link may sort of tie in with some basic duties listed in general form http://www.citytech.cuny.edu/aboutus/hr/employment/adjunct_lecturer.pdf

In addition for now I can say that I have not yet seen my job description include the following:
– making everyone happy (or even trying to please all)

– spoiling students by giving them exactly what they want/explicitly and/or implicitly ask for or demand (aka “spoon-feeding”)

– randomly entertaining students at any whim as multimillion-dollars expertise of current film industry has the ability to do

There’s much more to say about all this but I do believe an important part of my work here is to share my knowledge and experience in varying ways that can stimulate minds to open up to ideas that can be challenged, tested, and put to beneficial practice for the individual person and many people in society as a whole.

While I try to tailor my lessons every time I teach, I hope students don’t feel negative thoughts from misunderstandings to hold them back from approaching me for further guidance.  I attempt to always be ready, willing, and able to help or at least refer my students to valuable resources they can extract at least fairly good lessons from.  Please let me know immediately if anything seems too difficult and/or personal to take in with regard to my teaching style.. I seek to improve with all the assistance I can get.