Student Learning

For starters, I’ve just gotten “hooked” on the following site link:

So, students, see what you can do with any and all of the info presented there….

Also I like recommending weblinks as  Lots already there

Note: For EMT 1111 definitely all students should try each and any of the following :, , and (each of these should keep you busy enough for extra homework assistance) You may also check for further challenge thru other sites, particularly education ones as

Gear up when you need a break with any of the below-mentioned resources

the usual helpful sites as : ,, and


enjoy some Yosemite (or Yosemite II) sights & sounds on

and if you have access to YouTube you can always learn something quite useful from the YouTube search channels of Minute Physics, VSauce, and CGP Grey .  Enjoy!!! but don’t forget to do all your homework too!!!

Even checking out a site as might be worthwhile especially if you haven’t even visited the physical location yet like on a field trip

**Note: some of these educational yet entertaining time-spenders may well be worth the effort and beat the thrill of some of the other forms of not-so-fruitful recreation that seems to carry plenty of more risks than benefits (ahem, err, like certain video games to which some students seem so spellbound  — avoid the getting “suckered” into too much of these gaping mind traps.  Excess now may lead to haste that makes waste… slovenly struck doesn’t mean sickly stuck – figure out the hopeful bit of sensible comment I may be using semantics and syntax for ..