Syllabi and Assignments

Welcome to the Spring now Fall 2014 EMT1111: Logic and Problem Solving course!  Please note: I have posted this information as my direct version from Fall 2013 of a portfolio (layout borrowed from Prof. Mendoza whose site is remember this one’s from Fall 2013 PLEASE RELY ON THE CURRENT ONE ON

) you may use for ideas and information as may seem helpful.   I seek putting some information about the course, like syllabus, schedules, policies, resources, and maybe the latest announcements so you continue know what’s going on in the class.  You may want to register to the RSS in the announcements mini-blog to receive the messages automatically.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.  Happy learning every step of the way!

General Information

Instructor                      : Henry LaBoy
The following crossed out (strikethrough text) was from back in Fall 2013
D300 Lectures/Labs    : Monday 10:00am – 11:40am
D310 Lectures/Labs    : Monday 12:00pm – 1:40pm
D304 Lectures/Labs    : Wednesday 10:00am – 11:40am
D314 Lectures/Labs    : Wednesday 12:00pm – 1:40pm
Office Hours                : Wednesday 3:00pm – 4:00pm,  Friday 10:59am to– 11:59am  or by appointment
Office                            : V645 now V627 cubical office area
Email                             :
Phone                           : 718-260-5885
website                         :
PLEASE NOTE:  for now I recommend you to either follow Dr. Mendoza’s site version of the schedule/assignments :
AND/OR follow Dr. Reyes-Alamo’s version:

Text Books

Think Python
AppInventor Book