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Please consider the following bit of my somewhat inspired poetry(probably plenty borrowed from numerous sources but with insufficient knowledge how to cite any specific contributions from others…

Shady loudness,

Peaceful stillness

Silent pitch rises,

Sound waves dizziness

Research priceless

College readiness






For more on the last 4 lines of the poem above see:

To meliorate conditions and mitigate adverse circumstances I’ve provided you a few sample tips below from an IEEE article I found very important to watch out for…

  1. Not Paying enough attention
  2. Not getting and using the right textbook(s)
  3. Not starting to do work, study, and other required activities sooner/earlier
  4. Not asking for help early enoughOther things I may say that are needed are:                -sharing what you know with others (help others as you help yourself) Based on my experience and interaction with colleagues, I find it helpful to view university/college professor roles (as compared to high school teacher).While both may share a lot in common, an analogy for a college instructor may be like having a world-class sports star train and/or “teach” you to be a great athlete in his/her specialty.  Say we pick Michael Jordan to give you all the tips and tidbits he can, supposing that you decide not to care about paying attention to him (or you just don’t bother taking his advice), you can accuse him of not doing his “job” of getting you ready, but like Jillian Michaels and other trainers, it’ll be made clear that the best has to come from you as a student to make the score.  If they don’t see you putting in the time and desired dedication, then it’s “just not going to cut it” (you won’t pass in their estimation), and after so many hurdles and “second chances”, if you persist at not following their suggestions, then at some point they might say something along the lines of, “you want to insist your way, then you’ll have it your way:  suffer the consequences.”  Whether you think they give up on you or not, their job is not to play by your rules and expectations; rather they will require you to do according to the calls they make (they may be “calling the shots” or better yet planning and working with you to get the best from your investment).    Sort of like a coach doing all possible to get you “in line” if you choose to quit on (going on your own terms), then how can you expect them to pick you up, when you don’t show you want to get back up? In other words, how can you be sure you’re not fighting against yourself in the long run? You may want to think about this and think it through .. Knowledge and wisdom are similar, yet different.  There’s great power not just in knowledge applied from oneself but from listening, learning, and even applying what one learns from others who’ve already gone through similar experiences in the field of study of the person which can constitute a form of “wisdom”.  In a certain sense this is what teachers can do for you, whether it’s your parents, your high school teachers, or your college instructors.  When something’s bothering you, try to find a logical reasonable way to talk it through with someone you trust and ease the burden of carrying it all on your own.  There might be details you are expected to do on your own, but you shouldn’t have to do it all by yourself.  Seek help earlier than later, and I look forward to being in touch…The instructor has a part to play true, but we as students also have a key role to play in our own advancement… if we choose to do our own thing / insisting on our way, not only may we make things tougher on ourselves, eventually we may realize what the instructor already did so much for us while we simply brushed his efforts off(whether consciously or sub-consciously).
  5. Best to all, get your rest, but work on the ‘daily tests’ …. Hope reading this can at least give you an idea of how a process of stimulating your mind in a positive direction can be done without feeling left out, put down or just “programmed” according to someone else’s dictates.  You can really attain a lot when you start by changing how you even think about and perceive all around you through the resources available (making sense, finding those who truly care about you, and respecting people as well in turn )
  6. Search around for more tips from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and other scholarly articles. Check and (fun to learn channels/programs may be constantly available thru these)
  7. So the message is in the end, you can have the best teacher in the world, but if you choose not to learn from him/her, then you’re setting yourself up to fail at learning. Once you open up to learning from anyone and even anything, you might discover a whole new world at your heart’s desire.                                                                                                                                    One more thing:
  8. -even strategically sitting at an appropriate location can help you tune in to the material that’s being covered and get you engaged with it. Can you add to the list?
  9.                 -finding support groups to aid in achieving academic goals

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