Future Teaching Goals

For now my teaching goals involve the following: sharing what I’ve learned indirectly (at least in the form of rote memorized facts, book knowledge and the like) and more directly (usually from experience in the real-world practical scenarios) in the curriculum I am to cover.  There’s more to it than what I can for now simply describe in a few sentences, though.

As I picked up  from the Summer Institute for Teaching and Learning at CityTech with Dr. Rojas, there are several points to be made about education: it may be considered as “what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” as Albert Einstein said; or as a place to learn how to live, realizing potential & consistently using for good, beyond just acquiring a pre-determined skill set, to “have the full and ready use of all” that one can do as John Dewey argued; and further as George D. Kuh (Indiana University chancellor’s professor) stated, “incorportating some of these engaging, integrative practices in their general education programs.”

The following are some links to sites that can foster critical thinking and discussion in any of our courses about practical concepts already put to use and being sold out in the market in some way, shape, or form…

Edmund Scientifics (scientificsonline.com)

http://www.worldsciencefestival.com/programs/science-story-history-future/   (Lookup also http://www.worldsciencefestival.com/climate-change)


Lookup Microplush Sherpa Throw Blankets or Hera Titanium Flat Irons for some useful products to think about in regards to functionality(what they can do for us) and structure(how are they made/ put together)