This is┬ámy Faculty Portfolio home page. It is a good place to introduce myself and explain what visitors will find on this site.┬á So here it is… My name is Henry LaBoy and all visitors may find on this site is some idea of what I have been experimenting with in OpenLab to find out what different “buttons” do to the visible aspect of my portfolio. You may check the following site for further information that may be interesting to navigate around:┬á┬á┬á https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/groups/henry-laboys-portfolio/┬á or https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/groups/henry-laboys-portfolio/


There will be a lot of links to click on from my portfolio and additionally through my linked/cross-referenced auxiliary sites showing “courses” and even “projects”.┬á While each of these may seem like an entirely different entity of its own for better organization, it can seem overwhelming just to browse or peruse through most of it all.┬á So I just would like to caution you not to worry about having to uncover every single hidden “portal” from my related sites, downloading every file/document I’ve posted, but definitely if you are in any of my EMT 1111 “Logic & Problem Solving” course sections (whether it’s direct at City Tech or through PTech) it’s very important to access and follow through with the main EMT 1111 course site as currently exemplified under the following URL/web address:


Please contact me at the earliest if you have any questions, concerns or comments whatsoever relating to the courses you have with me.


Just a note on wonderful news: you can find so many current events from the CUNYPortal.CUNY.edu website in addition to the www.CityTech.CUNY.edu site (from which you can access the online Blackboard course┬ásystem as needed for say EMT 1111 and many other courses (“lecture” classes & “practical” labs)


Reminder: not everything you read on my portfolio may seem to make sense but somehow you may be able to make something useful of it or pick up some kind of sample or example when developing your own OpenLab portfolio…

Try checking the following link for something of possible interest and to confirm how you can click around here for yourself: http://digg.com/video/stop-motion-of-wood-being-gradually-shaved-is-time-travel



The Faculty Portfolio site is set up to loosely follow the Professional Activity Report and Self Evaluation (PAR-SE) format, but I may use it in any way that suits me. Here are a few ideas (apparently provided by some WordPress content):

  • Use the Blog section to document teaching, scholarly, and professional growth to help┬áme formulate┬ámy year-end Self Evaluation.
  • Organize the Teaching Portfolio section as an online teaching portfolio and listing of the courses taught.
  • Populate the Institutional Service section each semester with my roles and responsibilities in the Department, College, and University communities.

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