Hitchings | D054 | Fall 2022

Week 14 Agenda

Class Info

  • Date: Monday 12/12
  • Meeting Info: Room P114


  • DUE Project 2 & 3 >>Activities/Projects/Project2&3
  • Phase 3 Design and Development >>Activities/Project2&3/Assignment8:
    1. For your Diagram: Design your focal point. This should be clear, beautiful and stylized. You can use photography, or an illustration (digital or hand-drawn). Work should be original
    2. For your FlowChart/Timeline (sequential story) Organize your story sequentially (this should be outlined in your Project Proposal).
    3. Continue to research examples to reference as inspiration. Save them as URL links in your project proposal.
  • Next week, week 15 will take place in P114 . We will not be going to the MOMA. Thank you to those who filled out the filed trip form, we did not have enough participants for a trip.  But remember CUNY gets in for free so maybe you can find time to go over the break.

Activities and Lab Time

  • In-class critique
  • Time to work


  1. Phase 3: Project 2&3 Final Design with all edits DUE
    Save your doc or PDF into a folder with your name in the class Dropbox folder titled (if you hav e a new version you can save into the same folder, just add ‘V2’ to your file name): >>Assignment9-FinalProjects2+3
  2. Read: Müller, Boris. “Bringing Design to Science” Medium, October 22, 2017. (Medium

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  1. joseph asimeng

    (For some extra credit),From the data visualization catalogue website and the video in the article, and the same one that was shown in class on 12/12/22, courtesy of the professor, titled: a brief history of co2 emissions, the GRAPHS that were in the video are the following:

    -a bar chart on the world globe itself. (if you really think about it).

    -A pictogram chart of all the countries of CO2 emissions between 1751-2014. Fossil fuels and cement production.

    -Some type of donut chart where it showed sources of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions in the year 2010. Also the same thing for the 2050 projectionof showing that data.

    -Some type of bullet graph where it showed THE COUNTRIES that had greenhouse gas emissions in 2010(by itself), and the greenhouse gas emissions in germany.

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