Nafis Sabir Final Project

For my project I set out to create a game based around Robotron, and inspired by the Anime character, Naruto. The story is that Naruto is out for a training session utilizing his special clone jutsu. I wanted to have the main character in the middle of the screen, with clone attackers coming from all directions. The player could shoot stars at the clones to destroy them. If the player got a certain number of clones, they would level up and the image would change to reflect it. In addition the clones would change and take more hits to destroy as the games difficulty increased. If the clones reached the middle you would lose hit points, go back a level, or die.

As it stands now, the game works with only about 20% of the bells and whistles. The player is in the middle, the clones come from four directions. A mouse press in on of the four directions will shoot stars in that direction. I was having trouble with getting the collision function to operate using the arraylist, so the stars only shoot past. The stars will also change direction if the mouse position is moved, which isn’t the desired effect. It probably would have been better to use vectors. I ended up creating a clone class for each display/movement direction and passing them into my arraylist, because of difficulties I was having with getting it to work in a single array. (Crazy, right?) The game over screen comes up when the clones reach the middle. But, because the detector is in the classes instead of the main program, you can still shoot stars. I have a background image that’s commented out because it was crashing in js.

Ultimately, I’d like to complete the game, if only for the sake of seeing my vision fully realized.

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