HW 4.2.2 Midterm Project Idea


This is my idea so far, there’s more Im sure I’d want to do, but this is what I’ve come up with so far. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Concept for Midterm Project:

A visual seasonal calendar.
You type in the month of year and a scene pops up to depict the season or the complimenting season. I’d like to use a combination of images and graphics. One image and graphical representation per season.

printline Type in month or season
{If month is December, January, February, or season is winter
scene will be winter wonderland
if scene is wonderland and mouseDragged snow will fall
if keyPressed scene becomes summer image}
{if month is March, April, May, or season is spring
scene will be spring scene
if scene is spring and mouseDragged rain falls
if scene is spring and mouseClicked rain stops and sun comes out
if keyPressed scene shows fall image}
{if month June, July, August, or season is summer
scene will be summer scene
if scene is summer and right mouseclicked scene becomes night with 4th of july fireworks
if scene is summer and left mouse clicked scene is beach scene
if keyPressed scene shows winter image}
{if month is September, October, November, or the season is fall or autumn
scene will be fall scene
if scene is fall and mouseDragged wind blows leaves from trees
else if keyPressed scene shows spring image}

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  1. Nafias,

    This is excellent! You really grasped the concept of writing pseudo-code and I’m certain that this will make your programming much easier. I also love your concept (but this should come as too much of a surprise for you). Can’t wait to see it in action.

    – Calli

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