Homework 1.2

Here’s the code for the assignment

//Terrance Shields – Calli Higgins – 1/31 – Assignment 1.2

size(400,400); //sets the size of the window to be used
ellipseMode(CENTER); //set ellipse to center mode
noStroke(); //no outline for the shape

fill(255,0,0); //Set color to Red
rect(0,0,200,200); //first rectangle

fill(0,0,255);//Set color to blue
rect(0,200,200,200); // second rectangle

fill(0,255,0);//Set color to green
rect(200,0,200,200);// Third rectangle

fill(113,121,115);//Set color to grey
rect(200,200,200,200);//Forth rectangle

noFill();//reset the fill to nothing

stroke(0);//set line color
fill(255,255,255,200);//set color to white AND make it somewhat opaque
strokeWeight(4);//sets the line to 4 pixels
ellipse(200,200,100,100);//sets ellipse and the central point will be 100,100


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2 Responses to Homework 1.2

  1. Hey Terrance-

    Not to confuse you, but I tried to embed your openprocessing code into your blog post for you and wow, it works. We’ll continue to sort this out next week.


  2. TShields says:

    Hi Calli, so if you check now, I updated the post and the embedding is now gone again

    (I removed the line where I said embedding wasn’t working) so I believe this to be a permissions issue

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