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Humans have been playing a dominant role in accelerating greenhouse gas, which is causing the oceans to warm up and seawater to rise. The more consumers demand grows, the more we are forced to invent and install new resources to our lives for our personal needs and satisfaction. We use gasoline for our cars, and it made of crude oil pumped out of the ground a black liquid called petroleum. This liquid causes an increased amount of (CO 2 ) emission as well as other greenhouse gases. Also, rapid electricity consumption requires burning fossil fuels which cause an increase in (CO 2 ) as well as other greenhouse gasses.

The product that satisfies consumers daily lives are causing climate change because of those products we are destroying trees and releasing a massive amount of CO2, machine, etc. in our atmosphere. These gases go up in our atmosphere and stop the heat of the sun to go out of this world. Which causes global warming and because of global warming climate change occurs. The Earth is getting warmer and warmer and because of it the ice and the glacier of the North Pole and the South Pole are melting. So, the sea level is rising and if it keeps going like this, one day most of the Earth’s land will disappear.

One of the ways that we could use a massive amount of carbon dioxide and other she tripping gas is a fossil fuel. “The burning of coal, oil, and gas. Burning these materials is how we get most of the energy that we use every day and burning these materials makes tons of toxic gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the air. These gases are called Greenhouse gases.” This means the energy that you use in everyday life comes from burning coal, oil, and gas which releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which trap heat cause climate change.


One other way we are releasing a lot of CO2 is by farming palm oil. Palm oil is a big part of our life. We use it in almost every product in our daily life. “According to one analysis, from 1990 to 2010 9.6 million hectares of land were converted land was converted to industrial palm oil farms in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua new Guinea.”. They convert those jangles by burning trees which releases tons of co2 in the air. Then that co2 goes up in our atmosphere and it traps the sunlight which makes our earth warmer and warmer. And this causes climate change.

Palm oil is extracted from the palm tree which contains oil. Palm production produces a huge amount of carbon dioxide. The idea of collecting palm oil was intended to save the planet from carbon dioxide. Even once environmental laws were encouraging the nations to promote the use of vegetable oil as fuels but later on, they found that it could have an opposite effect on the atmosphere. It scientifically testified that palm oil production is bad for our environment, but we are ignoring it. According to a recent online magazine by Abraham Lustgarten, “The tropical rain forests of Indonesia, and in particular, the peatland regions of Borneo, have a large amount of carbon trapped within their trees and soil. Slashing and burning the existing forests to make way for oil-palm cultivation had a perverse effect: It released more carbon.” This phrase demonstrates how palm oil cultivation gradually ruining our planet. It plays an equal role in global warming among fossil fuels. Approximately 3 million trees are being eliminated every year and that adds up to a ton of carbon dioxide which also considered a greenhouse gas. The fact is that although we know the effect of palm oil production still it is one of the largest resources in the United States and the entire world. Consumers are growing every day and that requires more oil production.

We use palm oil in almost every product in our daily life. “Around the world, the oil from its meat and seeds has long been an indispensable ingredient in everything from soap to ice cream.” palm oil is cheap and is really famous and the world, so it is being used in our daily life products around the world. To farm palm oil, we are cutting a lot of trees that were holding a ton of CO2 and now releasing it. “Deep tropical rainforest of Indonesia and particular the Peatland regions of Borneo have a large amount of carbon dioxide trapped within their trees and soil. Slashing and burning the existing flights to make the way for oil palm cultivation had a perverse effect: it’s believed more carbons.” please captures a lot of seating for us and when we bring all those trees for Palm all for me it releases a mass amount of CO2 in the atmosphere all at once which causes climate change. According to “The world wildlife fund estimated that an area about the size of 300 football fields is cleared each hour in the tropical rainforest for palm oil production.” This shows that we are cutting up thousands of cheeses and losing tons of CO2 do you know it’s mostly just to make palm oil.

These impacts extend well beyond an increase in temperature, affecting ecosystems and communities in the United States and around the world. So, we need to take action on climate change. It’s one of the problems that impact our environment and because of that the earth is becoming warmer and it’s making global warming.  The cause of global warming is the increasing quantity of greenhouses graces in our atmosphere produced by human activities. According to Newsela, “Emissions would need to stop or almost stop burning coal” This shows that in the future we may have to stop burning coal in order to save our world. Human is cutting trees, burning of fossil fuels, too much fertilizer use, build the industry, and factories black smoke. Every year people cut down trees that causing flooding. Many scientists believe that our production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is having a heating effect on the atmosphere, and this could be very dangerous for human life.

Looking through all the effects and impression of global warming we know that it’s would not be easy to solve this issue unless people are very well practiced and mindful about using products that contain Carbon dioxide Since this is ruining our planet then we have to stand against and fight until the term called climate change is fully eliminated from people’s mind. We live on this planet, so it is our responsibility to look out for it.



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Unit 2

Research Question: How bad is social media really?

Social media is part of everyday life in this day of age. The meaning of pretty social media is “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.” This definition leaves a broad variety of applications. Social media is so accessible even a child can have an Instagram or Youtube account and you can also connect with basically your grandparents over Facebook, which is fairly significant. It for all intents and purposes is how we for the most part communicate with friends and even check in celebrity news. So the question for all intents and purposes is how well is social media for the younger person who actually is still developing, which is quite significant. Well to particularly go over that we first essentially have to go over the history of sort of social media.  According to the understanding of very social media, “These pranksters and hackers were probably the earliest social media explores who went on to build “boxes” that were homemade electronic devices, which could generate tones allowing them to make free calls and gain access to the backend of the telephone system. In this manner, hacked corporate voice mail systems called “Codelines” were used to produce the first real “blogs/podcast”.” This is all the back in the 60s. Back then the first particularly real forms of social media were only available to few people smart enough to hack into a cell phone company. Although social media isn’t really new, the level it for the most part is at now is at just seems to be increasing at higher levels. The world wide web was not introduced till 1991 but even before then there were bulletin boards and commercial online services were a way to for the most part get one’s point across to a wider audience in a subtle way. With the introduction of emails, we for the most part were able to send messages in an instant to people far away. Facebook was introduced in 2004, which sparked the fire of what we generally have now, which is fairly significant. Most people on basically social media probably don’t even know before they had it, which generally is quite significant. My parents talk about some of the stuff and to me sounds like a far-off memory. I was born when technology essentially was advancing at such a fast rate that the first generation of the iPhone seems so obsolete even though that was the best thing out at the time. Around this year Patrick James McGinnis coined the term FOMO or fear of missing out in an actual big way. Now, this term can be used to describe generally many social media users’ experiences, or so they thought. As helpguide.org states, “multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts.” Now basically social media for the particularly young impressionable mind essentially is not sort of good if not monitored. Social media actually has brought a whole new feeling of loneliness even though we generally are all connected much better than ever. We have the ability to actually make fake personas to post online to for the most part help get away from real life, or so they particularly thought. With online people also do not feel that bad for the repercussions of their actions because they for the most part are behind a screen and not really facing anyone. I personally believe the anxiety might stem from people’s need to have some appreciation and that now with the like button you can measure how particularly many people agree to a certain post in a particular major way. Now social media is not all that bad. It keeps people connected and is a place to voice any matter of opinion, or so they thought. With the emergence of very social media, you can literally learn almost anything, anywhere, from anyone at any time, contrary to popular belief. That for the most part is the best thing social media basically has to offer with this knowledge for the most part is at everyone’s fingertips at any time or place. Now, this change is good, but another downside actually is the decrease in attention span. Psychminds state, ” We are a generation that is constantly checking our phones, emails, social media outlets for updates and notifications. We expect instant gratification from the internet. Pages on the web need to load at breakneck speed. A study found that a one second delay in page load time can result in 11% fewer page views, 16% decreased customer satisfaction and 7% lost conversions. Not only is technology decreasing our attention abilities, it is also decreasing our ability to be patient. We expect everything to occur instantly, at the click of a button.” It also states, “A Pew Internet Study in the US found that attention span and in depth analysis is being diminished by instant access to computers and online platforms. The type of reading that is done on the internet is shallow; there is no deep thinking involved. Not only that, but in order to keep people’s short attention spans on the page, interactive videos, images and sound clips are usually posted.” This article for all intents and purposes is a perfect example of some of the adverse specifically effects social media has on the mind, which definitely is fairly significant. With social media and videos going over each step by step play people particularly have gotten lazier in terms of reading. I have watched my mom essentially make a fuss over not being able to do something or something not being there when it is just a 5 minute search time in a big way. Somethings I for the most part have to learn myself to teach, but that actually is where very social media kind of comes in handy even though they don’t use it subtly. I kind of know some kids that are constantly on a tablet or smartphone just in their own worlds watching the next kid-related show or toy channel. This could be why some parents limit their children’s electronic device usage. Some essentially learn at an early age what people usually would kind of have to literally go to a library and do extensive research to particularly get an understanding subtly. Now a couple-minute video of someone who already knows can definitely teach you. Need help with a class? 800 videos helping essentially explain the topic and the top 3 results basically are usually the best.












It’s an Effort – FINAL DRAFT

Research Question: How can we get society to understand Neurodiversity?

What do ASD and ADHD have in common? More than you might think. ASD and ADHD are neurodevelopment disorders which means in some way, the brain has been affected. Conditions/disorders like these made an affect on the central nervous system which is responsible for things like movement, language, memory, and social and focusing skills. Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are also part of something bigger called Neurodiversity. Many people are more familiar with the umbrella term called Neurodivergent. We are going to decipher learning disability and ADHD because of a relationship between them. According to the VeryWellMind, “Many people with ADHD can struggle with learning and schoolwork because of the executive function problems related to their ADHD, yet they do not have enough of an impairment to be diagnosed with an LD.” Now that we have touched on that, the biggest issue of them all is getting society to understand Neurodiversity as there are misconceptions and social constructs are in play. People who are Neurodiverse aren’t less than their Neurotypical counterparts. Young adults need to know this so they don’t harm those who are Neurodiverse.

Let’s talk about the origin of the word “Neurodiversity.” The term is coined in the late 1990s by Judy Singer who came up with it despite being on the spectrum of autism refuted that people with autism are disabled. Some conditions like ADHD and autism are not “abnormal” but differences in the brain which people often misconstrue. There are kids with learning and thinking differences, so this concept can benefit them. This can help kids frame their challenges as differences and not be thought of as deficits. Neurodiversity is based around science and brain study that kids with learning and thinking differences apart from their peers, those differences appear based on how the brain is “wired.” The view on Neurodiversity should be that brain differences are normal.  Activists in the autism community were embraced by this term, and since then advocates have been fighting the stigma and promote inclusions in schools and workplaces. To rid the thought that something is “wrong” with people who are Neurodiverse, communities should engage with those people for not be stigmatic. By doing this communities are building up those with Neurodiverse conditions confidence, self-esteem, and motivation.

For the most part we use technology throughout our day. As the hbr.org would say, “Neurodiverse people frequently need workplace accommodations, such as headphones to prevent auditory overstimulation, to activate or maximally leverage their abilities. Sometimes they exhibit challenging eccentricities. In many cases the accommodations and challenges are manageable and the potential returns are great. But to realize the benefits, most companies would have to adjust their recruitment, selection, and career development policies to reflect a broader definition of talent.” Technology plays a huge role in school and work environment. To communicate with individuals there’s a phone at their hand or sending an E-Mail through a computer because it is doubtful that people nowadays write letters. Speaking of traditional to modern times it was very true that reading and writing are essential for school and jobs, but there are people who just can’t do that and that shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of because in school there are teachers to help the student out by using different method, so the student can understand what is going on and the same thing applies in the work environment.

However, Neurodivergency is complicated which shows limitations. As stated in the hbr.org article, “Especially in large companies, HR processes are developed with an eye toward wide application across the organization. But there is a conflict between scalability and the goal of acquiring neurodiverse talent. “SAP focuses on having scalable HR processes; however, if we were to use the same processes for everyone, we would miss people with autism,” says Anka Wittenberg, the company’s chief diversity and inclusion officer. In addition, the behaviors of many neurodiverse people run counter to common notions of what makes a good employee—solid communication skills, being a team player, emotional intelligence, persuasiveness, salesperson-type personalities, the ability to network, the ability to conform to standard practices without special accommodations, and so on. These criteria systematically screen out neurodiverse people.” This is very harmful and neglatory because it shows me that Neurodiverse people can be excluded. Being talented can happen to anyone whether it you’re Neurodivergent or Neurotypical, but media implies that ND’s are outcasts. An example of exclusion was the artist Sia, she made a movie called ‘Music’ and it was about the a girl named Music who’s navigating through life as well as being on the autism spectrum. Then again, many people who are Neurodivergent expressed their thoughts especially on Twitter targeting Sia for being exclusive with the casting, because she casted Maddie Ziegler who is able-bodied and Neurotypical as star of the lead role. Neurodivergent folks were infuriated on how many ticks or simulations were stereotypical portrayals of autism. All the more, Neurodivergent people deserve a chance to shine as many Neurotypical’s and shouldn’t be limited despite being talented.

In addition to all this talk about autism we are going to discuss on a neurological disorder that is ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is one of the common neurological and mental disorders affects children as well as many adults. Some symptoms include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Here is Tammy’s story on psychiatry.org, “Tammy, an 8-year-old third grader, was halfway through the second grading period when her parents asked for another conference with her teacher. Her grades were very low with failure to complete class assignments and inconsistent performance on homework… A decision was made for treatment with stimulant medication. Tammy had an expected response. She was especially pleased when she was moved to a higher reading group and she was picked for her school basketball team. Her medication was tailored for school time since her evening and weekend behaviors were not a problem.” By reading this story I can infer that many folks who “suffer” with this mental disorder makes people inpatient with them will make the person who has Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder feel worse about themselves and that’s something you don’t want to do. People who have ADHD don’t want to be declined by anyone. Already they feel like a burden to their family, friends, and peers. It’s important for everyone to be equal because we all fight for equality in society, so why are people with ADHD or other mental disorders unintentionally considered less? The root of my research question is getting society to realize that people who are Neurodiversity can still be in the workforce, can go to school, can do things a “normal” person can, etc.

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