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In unit 2, I propose to write about the hybrid car. According to experts those cars were made to help with the environment but are they are. There’s a lot of pros and cons ideas out there that would tell my audience if it is convenient to have a hybrid vehicle.


How coronavirus stress may scramble our brains

The coronavirus has come to impact the world in many aspects. I a few days It will be a year in which the pandemic started. even tho the vaccine has arrived, family’s has been hurt because of family members’ death, people been homeless because they don’t have money to pay rent hasn’t been a thing that is already ended. Although this pandemic has made people realize many things that have had change the way them thinking to a positive way. However many people that the pandemic has  affect them so hard that it may cause stress that may scramble people’s brains. This a due to the overthinking of people that were impacted in social, economic, and technological ways. For example “ I’m scattered, worried and tired. And even though we’re all socially isolated, I’m not alone. The pandemic – and its social and economic upheavals have left people around the world feeling like they can’t string two thoughts together stress done a number on us.”(by Laura sanders) this short piece of evidence demonstrates how people feel over warm with this coronavirus thing. While I was reading this article I learned that human braid is made to think but it was never minded for a person to process multiple information at the same time that is what causes stress. For the author to do this article she did some research and she said that an experiment to see how people that are under pressure reacts and how people that don’t have any pressure also reacts. As the author has been a human who lives in this world she has personal experiences that are as negative or as positive about this pandemic. Therefore within a few more months hopefully, there are no cases of positive and people with less stress and thing to get better.

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