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UNIT 3 project progress

For my unit 3 project, I am creating a podcast about how last year I learned how to make decisions on my own without asking for my family and friends opinion. The progress that I have made so far is that I found an app for my podcast which is Castbox and Breaker. I learned how to use the app Breaker, this app is easier to use but the other app Castbox has better sound quality so I’m still debating on which to do my final work on. I also created an outline on what order I want my podcast to go.podcast ideas

HW for Thru 4/22

For my unit one assignment I wrote about the phrase “and scene……” and while I was writing this paper I felt like I was writing unnecessary stuff.  And the funny thing is that while I was writing, I got carried away by telling stories about my friends that I wasn’t even talking about when the phrase was used between us. 

  1. Now that I’m revisiting my paper, I want to change the title I chose with something not so cringy. Something more casual that reflects about my friendship and the phrase. 
  2. I want to rewrite my introduction because now that I am rereading it, it is very boring and it doesn’t really fit into the rest of the essay. I started the essay talking about movies so now that i got more experience with writing I want to take that out. 
  3. Mid way through the essay, I’ll probably add another time that I and the discourse community used the phrase, just to make the point of my essay stronger. And for the reader to better understand how the phrase brings my friends and I closer. 
  4. I think that I may have rushed my conclusion, it was short and I basically just wrapped up the essay by rephrasing the intro and  calling it a conclusion. 
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